Definition Of Ulul Albab

A group of people with a strong foundation in al-Quran, broad and diverse knowledge, able to think and observe God’s creation through heart and mind as well as the lesson learnt.

Objective Ulul Albab

The main objective of Ulul Albab Program is to produce an Ulul Albab’s generation based on three components, namely:


To memorize 30 Juzuk of al-Quran and comprehend the claims of al-Quran based on the concept of Read (Baca), Remember (Ingat), Comprehend (Faham), Think (Fikir), Practice (Amal), Spread (Sebar) (BIFFAS).


To be able to provide views on ummah’s issues, maximize the ability of the brain and mind, think creatively and innovatively along with the high technology.


To be knowledgeable and highly skilled, become a point of reference as well as master in various fields of knowledge and foreign languages.

Ulul Albab Model

We adapt the concept of Ulul Albab Program implemented in imtiaz Besut.
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